About Vanessa Pomeroy

One of the main sources of inspiration for Vanessa is the Black mountains in Herefordshire, and these paintings capture the broad and majestic panoramas of this naturally beautiful area.

These paintings incorporate universal themes of light and the changing atmosphere, and explore the dramatic colour of the mountain range. Yet these are not landscapes that look back to a rural idyll. They reveal the significance of the countryside in the here and now, emphasising harmony strength grandeur and peace.

While her work can be seen to be rooted in the tradition of landscape painting, the bold use of contemporary colour and the exploration of vast space hints at the use of the landscape as an emotive vehicle. In a world full of conflict and challenge, these pieces resonate with harmony. 

Floral paintings which contrast vital and monochromatic colour resonate with light and joy. Whilst the landscapes employ breadth of scale, these garden paintings are intimate and often architectural.

Vanessa Pomeroy


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